The Music Postcards project showing in Milano Design Triennale, 2016
AWDA Women In Design exhibition, Milan

Ada’s “Music Postcards” for Asaf Roth is part of the AWDA Aiap Women in Design Award!
La Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna, 6 20121 Milano


The Talmud Translation Project Launch
Designing the Talmud covers
Interview with Ada Rothenberg

“The solution was to convey the text by its own means of expression: the Hebrew alphabet.”


Enosh brand identity features on BRAND NEW
Enosh brand identity
Review by Armin Vit, Brand New / UnderConsideration

“The new face is much more appealing and changing the direction to go against the current of the typography is quite interesting as it forces you to see it even when it fits more cohesively with the shape of the “N” letter. A new element to the logo is the use of the “Nikkud”, which are the dots used to denote vowels in the Hebrew alphabet … the organization now looks far more optimistic and hopeful.”
– Armin Vit, Brand New